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Best rates in Ohio! Good credit? Bad credit? No credit? No one gets turned away. We’ll get you pre-approved ASAP.

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Pre-approved buyers save time & get better deals

Our lenders fight over you

Our network of 40+ trusted lenders bid to bring you the lowest rate possible. And when your rate goes down, so do your monthly payments. Armed with the best rate possible, you’re ready to buy the truck you deserve.

Find the perfect price range

Getting pre-approved can help determine how much truck you can afford. This can be the difference between looking for a great truck and looking for your dream truck—even if you have $0 for a down payment.

Save hours at the dealership

When you’re pre-approved, all your homework is done ahead of time. Apply now & get those financial details into your rearview mirror! You’ll shave off hours of time in the dealership & drive off in your new truck fast.

Credit problems? No problem

We make financing happen for buyers with all types of credit histories... including first-time buyers with no credit history at all. And once you’ve been pre-approved, you can’t be turned down for a car loan, guaranteed.

Zero stress car-buying

Getting pre-approved takes the stress and hassle out of your vehicle buying experience. Skip the uncertainty and come in with the peace of mind knowing you’ll be approved to drive off in the new truck you want.

Won’t affect your credit score

Getting pre-approved doesn’t lock you into purchasing and it won’t affect your credit score, but it will help you help you understand your options and what you can afford.

Frequently asked questions

My credit score is pretty low. Can I still get pre-approved for a loan?

Absolutely! Your credit history won’t hold you hostage when it comes to getting financing. We work with 40+ lenders and they bid against each other to win you as a client. If you have low credit, no credit, or even bad credit — the Chillicothe Truck team has the know-how and resources to find you the best possible loan for your financial situation.

I’m a first-time buyer. Is that an issue?

Not at all. We know how exciting it is to buy your first truck. So even if you’ve never made a vehicle payment in your life or have no credit history at all, we’ll find you a great rate. We do it all the time.

I need a truck right away. How fast can I get pre-approved?

All of our pre-approvals are expedited. If you apply here online today, you can expect a financing offer immediately—often within 24 hours.

If I qualify for a bad credit loan, won’t my monthly payments be really high?

Not necessarily. At Chillicothe Truck, we work with so many lenders — and we have so many different vehicles at varying price ranges — that you’ll be able to find something that fits your budget.

I don’t have extra cash for a down payment. Is that a problem?

It’s NO PROBLEM at all. Our finance experts can always find a way to get you in a great truck with $0 down. Check out our selection of trucks priced under $20k. Plus, if you have any type of trade-in — whether it’s a car, truck, SUV, or ATV in any condition ... even a tractor — we’ll apply it to your purchase price and lower your monthly payments.